Episode 6: The Southern Plantation Colonies

This week, we are introduced to the last of the 13 colonies. These are North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia- three southern plantation colonies. We learn all about plantation life including slavery, crops, and even talk about bugs! I'm joined by Shawn Halifax, Cultural History Interpretation Coordinator of the Charleston South Carolina County Parks and Recreation Commission. 


Mulberry Grove Plantation in Georgia (Georgia Historical Society)

Source: Patriotic Coloring Pages

Sir Robert Heath

James Oglethorpe



Episode 5: The "New" Colonies

New York, New Jersey, and New Hampshire are the focus of this week's episode. Eight year-old Sadie joins us with questions about rough winters, colonial Jewish culture, why these colonies all start with "new" and more. Then, Allyson Schettino, Associate Director of School Programs with the New York Historical Society answers Sadie's questions and then some. 

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William and Mary

Queen Anne

King George I

King George II

John Mason

John Cutt

Lord Cornbury

Lewis Morris

Congregation Shearith Israel


Episode 4: Religious Tolerance and The Colonies

The colonies of Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania are introduced this week, and we use them as a jumping-off point to talk about religious tolerance in the American Colonies. Maryland and Pennsylvania were created as safe havens for particular religions, and you'll find out how Delaware fits in.

Eight year-old Brady stops by to ask some great questions about religious freedom across all 13 colonies and the wonderful Ed Morrissey provides great answers and discussion. 

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William Penn 

Cecil Calvert, 2nd Lord Baltimore


 A small broadside reprint of the Maryland Toleration Act

Click to see this and explore more of the British royal line

William Penn coloring page from Supercoloring


From Activity Village

From Activity Village




Episode 3: The Pilgrims

I've been so excited for this episode, because we have a young Mayflower descendent named John asking the questions this week, and Dr. George Garmany, Governor General of the Mayflower Society answering them. We even hear a wild story about John's ancestor! 

Learn all about the Mayflower, the Pilgrims, and Plymouth Rock here. As always, there are more resources below.



Source: getcoloringpages


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Source:Best Coloring Pages for Kids



Episode 2: The Jamestown Settlement

Welcome to the second episode of Growing Patriots. This week, we talk to 9 year-old Elizabeth from Oklahoma, Nancy Egloff, a historian from the Jamestown settlement, and a special surprise guest. We chat about The Jamestown Settlement, and what the English settlers when they faced there, what really happened with Pocahontas, and more!



Here are some images, coloring pages, and videos to go along with the episode. 

Pocahontas and John Rolfe

Pocahontas and Her Son, Thomas Rolfe


Source: Historic Jamestowne

Source: Happysales

Source: Homeschool Printables

Source: Frizon