Episode 12: Autumn Holiday Special

Did colonial kids celebrate Halloween? What other things did colonists celebrate at this time of year? We find out in this special episode!



Guy Fawkes





Episode 11: Colonial Celebrations

This week, we talk about how people celebrated special events in colonial times. Holidays, weddings, special occasions- how were they like today, and how were they different?

Charlotte from Long Island joins us to ask questions, and Lindy Cummings from Tryon Palace in North Carolina is here to answer them!

"Cotillion Dance," by John Collett, London, March 10, 1771. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

Colonial Williamsburg has great resources about weddings here




Episode 10: Colonial Clothing

Sorry there was no episode last week- I was moving! 

I'm here to make it up to you, though, with an episode I have been looking forward to for MONTHS. Neal Hurst, assistant curator for textiles and costumes from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation is here to tell us everything about what people wore in colonial times. The questions from 7-year old Mazarine are some of my favorites ever, too! I hope you like this one as much as I do!

Detail from a dress in the Colonial Williamsburg Collection

One of the best resources for more fun is this Colonial Williamsburg 18th-Century Clothing portal. You can look at clothing, see all the different parts of outfits, dress a paper doll, check out accessories, and more. I could spend hours there.




M. Bacham- Colonial Family

Isaac Winslow and His Family




Episode 9: Colonial Music

Music is one thing that really connects people, so learning about the music in a time period can tell us a lot about the people who lived in it! This week, 11 year-old Ruby asks us some great questions, and Dr. Hildebrand from the Colonial Music Institute joins us to answer them!


George Washington Dancing 

Harpsichord coloring page- source

Dancer coloring page (source)


Fife and drum coloring page (source)

From Mount Vernon





This piece (Performed by this week's guest!) was written about George Washington



Episode 8: Colonial Mealtime

Let's face it- meals are a big part of our lives. How we get our food, the dishes we use, and our mealtime traditions tell people a lot about us! The same was true in colonial times. This week, 5 year-old Joy asks questions about 18th century meals and we have two food historians joining us to answer them.